(a)   The term electric fence shall mean any fence, wire or enclosure that is electrically charged.

(b)   No person shall construct, maintain or operate an electric fence within the city limits of the city without having a valid permit for the operation thereof issued by the governing body in the manner hereinafter provided. All applications for electric fence permits shall be made in writing.

(c)   Alleged violations of this section shall be made in writing. Thereafter, the proposed defendant shall have seven days from the date of receipt of the notice to remove the alleged violation. Removal of the violation during the seven day period shall be an absolute defense to the alleged violation.

(d)   Each day that a violation of this section shall occur, after the lapse of the seven day period, shall be deemed a separate offense.

(Code 1984, 2-303:307)

(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to urinate or defecate on any public street, alley or highway, or in any public parking lot, or in any area open to the public or exposed to public view.  This section shall not apply to urination or defecation which is done in any restroom or other facility designed for the sanitary disposal of such waste.

(b)   It shall not be a defense to this ordinance if such public urination or defecation is done with the consent of the property’s owner.

(c)   Public urination shall be a Class C offense as defined by the Uniform Public Offense Code as adopted by the City of St. John, Kansas except that every person convicted under this ordinance shall be fined at least $200.00.

(Ord. 1027; Code 2015)