Bicycles shall not be parked upon any public sidewalks at any time. Bicycles shall not be parked on public streets in such a manner as to interfere with the normal operation of motor vehicles.

(Code 1984, 14-302)

Bicycles may be parked in approved racks upon the public streets or sidewalks but only after the racks and their location are approved by the chief of police. Any person who places or permits a bicycle rack upon any street or sidewalk without first securing the approval of the chief of police shall be in violation of this article. The chief of police may designate such public areas in which bicycles can be parked.

(Code 1984, 14-303)

No person shall ride a bicycle upon any sidewalk in the business district.

(Code 1984, 14-304)

No person shall operate a bicycle within the city unless there is prominently displayed thereon a license for the bicycle issued by the city. The licenses shall be issued by the police chief who shall issue them in consecutively numbered form and shall keep a registry of the numbers. Each license shall be issued upon request for no fee.  Licenses may not be transferred from bicycle to bicycle or from owner to owner. The licenses shall be issued for the life of the bicycle or until they are illegible.

(Code 1984, 14-307)